Dr. Ryan Hosley and Kameo HosleyAs an entrepreneur, father to a large family, and lover of the outdoors, Dr. Ryan Hosley is not your typical couch psychologist or personal coach. Residing in Portland, he is a native Oregonian who has owned and operated various businesses since his teenage years, he has a background as a collegiate basketball player, and when he isn’t helping others achieve their potential he is likely busy taking his wife and seven kids (Yes, SEVEN!) on adventures like whitewater rafting, fishing, shooting, or just throwing a ball in the yard. He believes that life should be full of passion that is based on a clear vision and understanding of who you are and what you are capable of.

After he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in history with a minor in philosophy from Gordon College in Massachusetts, Dr. Hosley’s perspective on God, people and himself began to crystallize. Even as his practice and personal life began to expand while he completed his MA and PsyD in clinical psychology, he found himself deeply affected by people accepting false identities, living in shame, and otherwise living devoid of purpose and passsion. He became a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Oregon, and he began to counsel clients based on his belief that life is about living in abundance, with energy, passion and on purpose.

Several years into his journey as a clinical psychologist Dr. Hosley’s transitioned into offering coaching services. As an entrepreneur himself, Dr. Hosley realized that his skills and connections could be a tremendous benefit to individuals in pursuit of personal achievement and businesses seeking to maximize their growth and profitability. He now offers personalized professional development plans, family coaching, and corporate solutions including executive coaching, team optimization, and corporate personnel development plans. The value of his coaching services are found simply in helping people perform better. At home and at work– people realizing their potential.