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New Book Coming, October 17, 2017!

The Overcomer's Edge: Strategies for Victorious Living in 13 Key Areas of Life.

featured chapters by Dr. Ryan and Kameo Hosley, Overcoming Addiction and Overcoming Betrayal

We are living in dangerous times. Day by day people are struggling to overcome a variety of spiritual and moral issues. This is a titanic battle, a death match, that can only be won through a well-defined step by step roadmap to freedom. The idea that Christians are exempt from the battle scars of life is a lie of the devil.

The Overcomer’s Edge is bestselling author Paul Tsika’s newest book, offering solid “straight to the heart” guidelines based on a biblical foundation, as well as proven practical, and clinical strategies to guide the reader toward victory.

Dr. Ryan and Kameo Hosley were asked by Paul Tsika to contribute two highly relevant chapters for you or someone you love: Overcoming Addiction, by Dr. Ryan, and Overcoming Betrayal, by Kameo.

Overcoming Addiction is like sitting with Dr. Hosley for an afternoon asking him your most relevant questions about addiction.  What is it?  What can I do about it if someone I know is addicted?  What does healing look like?

Overcoming Betrayal speaks straight to the heart of the most difficult question for the spouse of an addict - how do I respond to my loved one’s struggle?

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